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Alliance for Israel is a grassroots organization that reflects the diversity of Israel and the Jewish people, and of their allies. Our national membership base confronts Israel's detractors face to face, to expose the lies and shame the supporters of the Boycott, Divest, and Sanction (BDS) campaign as they attempt to deny the Jewish people their indigenous roots and their right to self-determination in Israel. 

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Our Story

With 30 years of experience as an anti-bias, multi-cultural educator, and five years as an anti-BDS activist, Melissa Landa, Ph.D. could see that the top-down advice to ignore anti-Israel events had backfired, and that pro-Israel op eds were bouncing off the walls of the pro-Israel echo chambers. Having grown up in apartheid South Africa, she also knew that the myth of "Israeli apartheid" had to be confronted. So, in March 2019, Melissa reached out to fellow Zionists, Zachary Lewis and Dr. Steve Gerzof, and with an inaugural symposium at George Washington University, Alliance for Israel was born. 

In the days and weeks that followed, Melissa, Zach, and Steve were  joined by an prestigious group of advisors, who reflect the rich diversity of Israel and the Jewish people, and of their allies. 

Advisory Board​ Members

Pnina Gaday Agenyahu (Ethiopia/Israel)

Jenny Albro, Ph.D. (U.S.A)

Richard Cravatts, Ph.D. (U.S.A)

Jessica Emami, Ph.D. (Iran/U.S.A.)

Stacey Aviva Flint (U.S.A.)

Idan Hare (Israel)

Linda Maizels, Ph.D. (U.S.A.)

Hen Mazzig (Libya/Iraq/Israel)

Victor Muslin (Former Soviet Union/U.S.A.)

Andy Pessin, Ph.D. (U.S.A.)

Fern Robin, Ph.D. (U.S.A.)

Marta Braiterman Tanenbaum (U.S.A.)

Joshua Washington (U.S.A.)

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What We Do

Send Regional Response Teams to protest antisemitic events and confront Israel's detractors face-to- face.

Expose the hostile aims and tactics of the BDS campaign;

Shame BDS leaders by publishing their photographs and videos as well as testimonials of those who have been victimized;

Reject the false accusations against Israel and against those of us who support it;

Refute the false claims that BDS is responding to calls for help from Palestinians;

Proclaim that being pro-Israel does not make us anti-Palestinian;

Promote programs in Israel that bring Jews and Arabs together in honest attempts to work for peace;

Provide rapid online and in-person responses to any student or community member who asks for our help;

Maintain an archive of fact sheets and news articles;

Match speakers and consultants to the needs expressed by campus and community stakeholders;

Facilitate collaboration among students, alumni, faculty, parents, and community members to address concerns in local networks.



“If I am not for myself, then who will be for me? But if I am for myself alone, what good am I? And if not now, then when?"

Rabbi Hillel


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