Rally for Israel

On May 19, 2021. Alliance for Israel led a rally outside the Embassy of the State of Israel.

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Online Workshop

In the wake of the George Floyd

murder, four Alliance for Israel

Advisory Board members share

their expertise and insights on

the future of the Black-Jewish

relationship in the United States.

Read more about this online

workshop in the San Diego

Jewish World

(as part of a broader story) 

and watch a recording

of the webinar.

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Proudly showing our support for Israel at the "Stand up to Antisemitism Community Vigil" in Takoma Park, Maryland
January 5, 2020

We know that anti-Israel vitriol is responsible for much of the antisemitism we are seeing across the country today. Thus, despite the organizers requesting "non-political signs," we proudly displayed Israeli flags.


(L to R) Judith Bernstein, Elisa Rapaport, and Wendy Martin

Executive Director, Melissa Landa, Ph.D. speaks to the "Hazak" group at B'nai Israel Congregation in Rockville, Maryland.


January 2020


Executive Director, Melissa Landa, Ph.D. presents a paper at the annual conference of the Annual Association of the Study of the Middle East and Africa

December 2019

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An Evening with our Advisory Board Member, Hen Mazzig: The Mizrahi Jews of Israel
October 30, 2019

Hen Mazzig is an internationally acclaimed thought leader and speaker, whose identity as the grandson of Jewish refugees from Iraq and Tunisia and as an openly gay former commander in the IDF dispel the myth that Israel is an oppressive country built by European colonialists. 

On October 30, 2019, with Sephardic Heritage International of DC as our cohost, Alliance for Israel hosted Hen at the National Museum of Jewish Military History in Washington, D.C. Hen told harrowing stories of the pogroms suffered by Iraqi Jews in Baghdad in the 1940s, of the subsequent flight of 850,000 Jewish refugees from Arab lands and North Africa to Israel, and of the need for the Arab League to take responsibility for this largely forgotten piece of history.

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Hen Mazzig


Protesting the Screening of the Antisemitic, Anti-Israel film, "The Occupation of the American Mind" in Takoma Park, Maryland

July 23, 2019

The municipality of Takoma Park, Maryland shamefully used tax dollars and a public building to screen a virulently antisemitic film. Twelve members of Alliance for Israel lined the walkway to the entrance of the auditorium holding signs and distributing leaflets that gave explicit examples of the film's antisemitic content. Our protest was written up by several local news sources, including WTOP and Bethesda Magazine, and we were praised by Maryland's Comptroller Peter Franchot.




Distributing Leaflets

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Proudly Waving the Israeli Flag at Roger Waters, Linda Sarsour, Marc Lamont-Hill, and a Few Other Antisemites at U Mass Amherst

May 4, 2019

Alliance for Israel joined with Boston's IAC to proudly wave the Israeli flag, to call out their Jew hatred, and to video tape and publicize their vicious words. Read about our experiences here:


Watch a montage of the antisemites here:



Successful Campaigns to Cancel Anti-Israel Community Events in Churches and Schools


Cleveland Heights - University Heights City School District
Cleveland, Ohio

When a member of our Cleveland Response Team informed us that a John Carroll professor was using a public school system to promote anti-Israel propaganda, we notified the school district and the Cleveland Jewish News. The event was promptly canceled.

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Washington Waldorf School
Bethesda, Maryland

When a member of our Washington, D.C. Response Team sent us the above image, we engaged in a letter-writing campaign to the Washington Waldorf School and the National Association of Waldorf Schools. The event was canceled. However, members of the school staff moved the event to the Cedar Lane Unitarian Church. We attended the event, asking the speakers pointed questions about the misinformation they had presented, and we subsequently expressed our concern to the school that their teachers had been in attendance.

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Redeemer Episcopal Church
Astoria, Queens
New York

When a member of the Astoria community contacted us about the above event, we engaged in a letter writing campaign to the Redeemer Church in Queens and to the Bishop of the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. The event was subsequently canceled.


Inaugural Symposium: "Confronting the Misinformation of the BDS Campaign" at George Washington University

March 27, 2019



Bassem Eid: "Who Authorized BDS to Speak on Behalf of the Palestinians?"

Bassem Eid is a world renowned human rights expert, political analyst, commentator, and journalist.

By the Western Wall

"The speakers were each so insightful and interesting.  I see things in a different light after listening to their presentations.  I had never thought about BDS groups as cult-like before, with manuals to guide them on how to be confrontational.  Nor did I realize just how little the Palestinians know about the destructive BDS movement, and how badly it impacts them.  Nor had I ever thought about being proud of the extent to which our religion is so multi-ethnic and multi-racial.

Stan Rowen, Baltimore