Available Speakers


Bassem Eid

Bassem Eid is a world renowned Palestinian human rights expert, political analyst, and commentator.


Stacey Aviva Flint

Stacey Aviva Flint is Senior Consultant at "Mochajewess" and a blogger for The Times of Israel.


Hen Mazzig

Hen Mazzig, 27-years-old from Tel Aviv, is an Israeli born international speaker, writer, activist and a social media enthusiast. Hen was in the IDF for almost five years serving as a humanitarian affairs officer in the COGAT unit at the West Bank. His family came to Israel from Iraq and North Africa in the early 50's. He is a consultant, commentator and public speaker @HenMazzig

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Joshua Washington

Joshua Washington is the Assistant Director of the Institute for Black Solidarity with Israel. He is a composer, singer-songwriter, musician, and band leader.


Olga Meshoe Washington

Olga Meshoe Washington is a South African born recipient of the Jerusalem Award and an outspoken critic of the false "Israeli apartheid" analogy.


David Broza

David Broza is a world renowned multi-platinum Israeli musician. His documentary "East Jerusalem West Jerusalem" chronicles his work with Palestinian musicians to record an album by the same name.


Waga Brok

Born in Ethiopia, Waga made Aliyah to Israel as a part of Operation Solomon in 1991 and grew up in Afula. She completed her BA in Special Education and in Experiential Education. She is currently the Israel Fellow at the University of Illinois-Urbana, Champaign Hillel.

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Jessica Emami, Ph.D.

Dr. Emami is an adjunct professor of sociology at Marymount University. Her areas of expertise include the Iranian Jews of Israel, gender, and immigration.